Kidz trust The story so far


Kidz trust is a renowned Licensing Company for popular children's brands and characters, such as Barney, Bob The Builder and Disney’s High School Musical within the African sub continent. Kidz Trust operates as both licensee and agent bringing live children’s entertainment to venues all across Africa.

Kidz Trust develops and promotes a range of projects to benefit and entertain children and families from all socio-economic and ethnic backgrounds. Kidz Trust facilitates character licensing for clothing, accessories, promotions, branded foods, food franchises, stationary and television broadcast.

Kidz Trust has enjoyed the challenge of breaking Kidz brands into the African market and now has a thriving expanding portfolio. With a strong company motto of “To Dream Is to Live” Kidz Trust’s vision for the future is to provide a platform for children’s entertainment allowing brands to develop relationships with Kidz from new territories.




Favourite Kidztrust Show